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New Version of the CASIROZ database available (November 20, 2007)

A new, heavily improved and corrected version of teh CASIROZ database is now available for download. Please refer ro the database page.

Final report available (March 29, 2006)

The final report can be downloaded from the report page.

Minutes of the CASIROZ meeting in Antwerp (March 28, 2006)

The first version of the Antwerp minutes is availble from the download page. Correction smust be done before April 7.

New Version of the CASIROZ database (March 27, 2006)

The new versionof the databsae is available from the database section.

Another new CASIROZ flyer is available (Feb 14, 2006)

The new version of the flyer is availabe from the flyer page.

NEW CASIROZ flyer - draft Version (Jan 20, 2006)

The preview version of the overall CASIROZ flyer is available from the Flyer-page.

Obergurgel final minutes available (Jan 16, 2006)

The finalized minutes are available.

Obergurgl minutes draft (Jan 9, 2006)

The draft of the Obergurgl minutes is availabe from the download page.

CASIROZ@Obergurgl (Nov 22, 2005)

Our presentation files from the Obergurgl session are now available for download.

new versionof the CASIROZ presentation file (Nov 9, 2005)

A new, white-background version of the CASIROZ powerpoint is available from the download page.

Minutes of the Freising meeting available (Oct 6, 2005)

The minutes are available from the download page.

Obergurgl abstracts are available (Sept 30, 2005)

Today I created a new page where you will find all the CASIROZ-session abstracts of the Obergurgl meeting. Please send your abstrats as soon as possible (Today!!) to Gerhard Wieser and Rainer Matyssek.

Total biomass and aboveground biomass of young trees available (Sept 6, 2005)

Finally the biomass data are available for the young trees. Please use those as covariates. The file is placed on the download page.

Updated layout of the results table

A update to the reusltstable now includes pages for vice-versa-fumigation ond old-versus-young-comparison. Have a look at the download page.

First version of the results table available (August 1, 2005)

A preliminary version of the results table is available from the download page.

Covariate for GLM analysis is available for download (July 25, 2005

As announced in the minutes of the microworkshop, the breast height data we shall use as covariates within GLM-statstics are available from the download page.

New version of the database available (July 14, 2005)

Grab yourself the new version of the growing CASIROZ database. Please delete old versions you might have still on your harddrive. Have a look at the database page.

Microworkshop minutes available (July 11, 2005)

The minutes of the CASIROZ microworkshop are available from the download page.

Minutes of the Slovenia CASIROZ meeting are final (May 9, 2005)

There have been no changes to the preliminary CASIROZ minutes of our meeting in Slovenia, therefore they are declared final. The file is available from the download section.

Minutes of the Spring CASIROZ meeting in Slovenia are available

On the download page you will find the unconfirmed minutes of our meeting in Slovenia. Please send your suggestions and comments untl May 2nd, 2005 to Hojka Kraigher and Rainer Matyssek.

New CASIROZ databsase version avaiable (April 20, 2005)

This is the first version of the CASIROZ database with the new and improved design. You find it on the database page.

New downloads available (Apr 11, 2005)

There are two new files available in the download section: On request we put a pdf version of the Paper Matyssek & Sandermann (2003) online. Also available is the graph "Pathways to Integration".

Presentations from our spring meeting in Slovenia (Apr 5, 2005)

The Powerpoint presentatins from Ljubljana are available in the download section.

Tutorial on the statistical analysis in CASIROZ (Mar 8, 2005)

As announced in Cambridge, the statistical analysis of data from Kranzberg Forest can be done using the "General linear model". A tutorial how to use this type of analysis on data from CASIROZ can be viewed on the download page.

Ozone theshold data available (Feb 8, 2005)

Earlier than expected the ozone threshold data are available to you. Please use AOT40, SUM0 and especially COU instead of a time axis. Have a look at the data on the ozone-page here. You are asked to play around with your data and please provide some examples in your talk at Ljubljana.

Minutes of the Cambrige meeting are online (Jan 17, 2005)

Please find the confirmed minutes of the Cambridge meeting on the download page. Send your supposed changes, comments and commendations to Rainer Matyssek and / or David Hanke.

2nd periodic report available (Nov 22, 2004)

In the report section you can find the 2nd periodic CASIROZ report. It will be send to you by email these days.

Additional information on the Air Pollution Workshop Banff 2005 available. (Nov 16, 2004)

Pdf-files on agenda, symposium and pre-registration are available on the meetings page.

Updated meeting table (Oct 29, 2004)

A list of intresting meetings up to the year 2006 is available on the meetings page.

Updated CASIROZ database 09/04 (Sept 9, 2004)

The updated database (Sept 9, 2004) is available on the database page.

Updated CASIROZ database 05/04 (May 15, 2004)

The updated database (May 11, 2004) is available on the database page.

CASIROZ database available (Apr 13, 2004).

Vincent Budts sent the version 03/04 of the CASIROZ Access database. The files are available from the database page.

Invitation preworkshop Oulu. (Mar 12, 2004)

We recieved the following invitation by Dr. Günthardt-Goerg:
    Dear colleagues

    Just to help you consider the participation in the IUFRO Meeting
    'Forests under changing climate enhanced UV and air pollution' at
    OULU Finland as of August 25-30. 2004, find bellow the internet-address
    for related informations and registration: http://iufromeeting.oulu.fi The 26th of August will be dedicated to 'Microscopy the sure way to detect environmental stress'. papers posters technical presentations discussion topics. Do not miss the opportunity to submit your abstracts, present your results, techniques or discussion points and publish them in a special issue of a current scientific journal. I am looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your contributions. Please pass this information on to any colleagues who may be interested in participating. We do hope you will join us at the Conference, either as a speaker or as a delegate. Best regards Madeleine S. Günthardt-Goerg

Ozone data available. (Feb 26, 2004)

Today I received the ozone data for the year 2003. The graph is available here.

Model information available. (Feb 2, 2004)

Informations on the MEFIQUE Model and details on the input parameters are available on the new model page.

Ozone News, IUFRO Newsletter 7 (Jan 16, 2004)

6th International Symposium on Plant Responses to Air Pollution and Global Changes
Summer 2003 Ozone Pollution: Preliminary assessments by the European Environment Agency (EEA) suggest that this summer's heatwave contributed to the worst ozone pollution seen in Europe for almost a decade. And this situation is likely to repeat itself in any future summers with above-average temperatures until measures taken under current legislation result in a much larger cut in emissions of the ‘precursor’ pollutants that cause ground-level ozone towards the year 2010. http://www.wsl.ch/ozone/ICP-Forests_background.ehtml

New meetings included on the meetings page.

Timetable 2004 and revised Minutes version (Dec. 10, 2003)

The new timetable can be viewed on the timetable page. The Minutes are replaced with the second version - only one minor change, regarding "Other business", page 3.

New downloads available (updated Dec. 10, 2003)

The Minutes and the first presentations from our Antwerp meeting are available from the download page. The Antwerp group picture is included in the picture gallery. Forthcoming meetings are announced on the new meetings page. Please send you presentations so I can include them in our homepage.

1st periodic report available (Nov. 21, 2003)

A pdf version of the first CASIROZ annual report is available in the report section.

Guidelines for reporting (Sept. 3, 2003)

Some information on our Periodic report is given on the new Report page. There you can find the text of the introduction-email of the coordinator and the relevant links.

Movie of spring flush available, CASIROZ-CAM online

A movie of the changes during spring at Kranzberg forest can be viewed on the movie page. Watch the beech trees becoming green!

Optional Sampling Date in October moved (Apr 22, 2003)

We moved the optional sampling week in October as we assume you want to see senescent leaves. The final date is Oct 6 - 10, 2003. The updated timetable is available on the timetable page

Final CASIROZ Flyer available (Apr 2, 2003)

The CASIROZ flyers are on the way to you via snail mail. The last pdf-File is accessible on the flyer page. The high resolution file is only available on request. It´s a COREL Draw 11 file.

Preview of the CASIROZ Brochure (Feb 28, 2003)

A first look at the CASIROZ-Flyer is available on the flyer page. Please have a look at it and let us know what you think about it.

New Minutes available (Jan 20, 2003)

A revised version of the Kick-off Minutes is availabe in the download-section.

Template Excel file for data submission available

The template Excel file for fata submission to Antwerp is available on the "Database" page.

CASIROZ-email available

If you send a email to this adress casiroz@wzw.tum.de everybody included in this list will recieve your email. Use it wisely.

Internal CASIROZ Pages online

If you can read this, you have reached the internal CASIROZ-pages. These pages are provided for file-exchange and cooperation. You can find the Powerpoint-presentations from the Kick-off Meeting, the actual adress of our CASIROZ email-Newsletter and more stuff. Look for the download link.


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